Arbor Day in Niger Date in the current year: August 3, 2024

Arbor Day in Niger Niger is one of many countries facing environmental problems and soil erosion. Planting trees helps stop desertification, that is why Arbor Day is celebrated in Niger. The trees planting events are annually organized on August 3.

Celebration of Arbor Day is very important for all Nigerians, because they are responsible for the state of the land they live in. Desertification is the most acute environmental problem in Niger: the north part of the country is covered by large deserts, that expand very fast. Combating desertification is the major environmental issue, that's why the government has launched a long-running program of forest restoration. The program lasts from 1975, when it was inaugurated.

Celebration of Arbor Day coincides with another important event in Niger. On August 3 Nigerians also celebrate Independence Day, that is one of the major public holidays. Traditionally every Nigerian has to plant a tree on this day. Planting trees helps overcome environmental issue and also celebrates the establishment of the Republic of Niger.

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