National Arbor Day in Bolivia Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

National Arbor Day in Bolivia National Arbor Day is celebrated in Bolivia annually on October 1. This day was established in 1995 to raise public awareness of the deforestation in Bolivia.

Bolivia was one of the first countries to certify its forests. Officially every tree that is cut down and every log that is exported is certified. This process is closely supervised by the government of Bolivia, because forest is one of its greatest natural resources and values. Unfortunately, the tropical forests of Bolivia are often cut down illegally, that's why the country is listed in the Top-10 deforestation issues countries around the world. Every year the forests are not only cut down, they are also burnt down to provide soil for agriculture.

The process of deforestation threatens Bolivian environment, that's why the government tries its best to overcome the issue. Celebrating National Arbor Day and encouraging people planting trees helps protect the forests. Bolivian government also promotes forest conservation through its certification.

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