Elephant Appreciation Day Date in the current year: September 22, 2024

Elephant Appreciation Day Elephant Appreciation Day is an informal holiday celebrated in the United States and some other countries on September 22. It is dedicated to one of the most amazing animals in the world.

National Elephant Appreciation Day was first celebrated in the United States on September 1996. The celebration was initiated by Wayne Hepburn, the founder and owner of the graphics and publishing company Mission Media. His personal fascination with elephants began when his daughter gave him an elephant paperweight as a gift.

Hepburn started to read books about elephants and to collect figurines and other elephant-related items. Finally, he created National Elephant Appreciation Day. Despite its somewhat ridiculous backstory, the holiday was well-received by Americans and has even become an international observance.

Elephants are truly fascinating creatures. Highly intelligent and social, they form strong bonds with each other and are believed to be able to express concern. They can recognize themselves in a mirror which indicates that elephants have self-awareness.

Elephant Appreciation Day should not be confused with World Elephant Day. The latter is celebrated on August 22. The main goal of World Elephant Day is to preserve and protect African and Asian elephants. It is supported by more than 60 conservation and animal welfare organizations.

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