World Water Monitoring Day Date in the current year: September 18, 2024

World Water Monitoring Day World Water Monitoring Day is observed on September 18 every year. This observance was established in 2003 by America's Clean Water Foundation to raise public awareness of the issues of pollution of water bodies.

Originally this observance was held one month later, on October 18, that was the anniversary of the enactment of the US Clean Water Act in 1972. Under this Act restoration and protection of the country's water resources began. But in 2007 the date of observance was changed to September 18 to facilitate participation in the parts of the world, where temperatures reach freezing point at that time.

This day is observed in many countries around the world. It's traditional event is taking water sampling in the water bodies of the participating countries. Children, students and adults use a simple kit enabling them to set water quality parameters and share them through the website of World Water Monitoring Day. Sharing this information brings attention to the importance of water quality.

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