World Environmental Health Day Date in the current year: September 26, 2024

World Environmental Health Day World Environmental Health Day is annually observed in many countries around the world on September 26. The observance was inaugurated in 2011 in Indonesia.

World Environmental Health Day was launched by the IFEH Council (International Federation of Environmental Health). This organization disseminates knowledge about environmental health among people and promotes cooperation between countries to improve the environmental situation of our planet.

In 2011 the IFEH Council launched the first observation of WEHD in Indonesia. To that occasion Indonesian students-activists composed a special hymn and performed it to celebrate the launch of this event. Already in 2012 the event was observed in Africa and Europe, and in 2013 it was supported by Canadian, British, American, Australian and Asian activists.

Every year the IFEH announces a special theme and organizes various activities to draw public attention to the problems of our environment. The organization calls on every people around the world to participate in these events.

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