Veterinary Workers Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: August 11, 2024

Veterinary Workers Day in Ukraine Veterinary Workers Day is a Ukrainian professional holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in August. It was officially proclaimed by President Leonid Kuchma in 2001. The first celebration took place on August 11, 2002.

Sometimes Veterinary Workers Day is erroneously referred to as Veterinary Day. However, veterinary physicians are not the only people who are congratulated on their professional holiday on this day. The term “veterinary workers” also includes paraveterinary workers (nurses, assistants, technicians and technologist) and allied specialists such as farriers.

Veterinary medicine deals with all animal species and a wide range of diseases, disorders and injuries that can affect these species. Veterinaries look after animal welfare. Professionals who practice veterinary medicine are called veterinary physicians or veterinary surgeons. Vets who specialize in a particular clinical field are referred to as veterinary specialists.

Vets are assisted by paraveterinary workers. In some cases, paraveterinary workers may work alone within a certain scope of practice which depends on their qualifications and skills. There also are professionals whose work is related to animal health care, for example, groomers, farriers, physical therapists.

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