Day of Metallurgist Date in the current year: July 21, 2024

Day of Metallurgist Day of Metallurgist is a professional holiday celebrated in some former Soviet republics, namely Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan, on the third Sunday in July. It originated in the Soviet Union in 1957.

Heavy industry in general and metallurgy in particular played a significant role in the economy of the Soviet Union, being its main focus. So it is not surprising that the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dedicated a separate holiday to all people involved in metallurgy.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Day of Metallurgist was preserved in the former Soviet republics where metallurgy still plays a significant role in the economy. It some countries it was renamed (for example, in Ukraine it is known as Day of Metallurgy and Mining Industry), but the date and the essence of the holiday remained the same.

Metallurgist Day is most widely celebrated in the cities where large metallurgical enterprises are located. It is marked with official ceremonies, concerts and other events and activities. As the holiday always falls on a weekend, the festivities are typically held on the preceding Friday.

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