Signal Troops Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: August 8, 2023

Signal Troops Day in Ukraine Signal Troops Day is a professional holiday, that is observed in Ukraine on August 8. This professional holiday was established by President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in 2000. Nowadays this day is a professional holiday for all soldiers, serving in the Signal Troops of the Ukrainian Army.

August 8 is a significant date for the Ukrainian Signal Troops. The first Ukrainian signalmen began to be trained on August 8, 1920. This event laid foundations for establishment of a new professional holiday. The further development of the Signal Troops took place during the years of World War II, when they were playing an important role in ensuring communication between Command and control centers, interception of enemy's messages etc.

The number of signalmen in the Ukrainian Army was only about 5% during World War II, but now this number has risen to 12%. Modern Signal Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were formed on the basis of the Soviet elements of Signal Troops, that were located on the territory of independent Ukraine.

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