Administrative Service Center Employee Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: September 6, 2024

Administrative Service Center Employee Day in Ukraine Administrative Service Center Employee Day is an official professional holiday in Ukraine, celebrated annually on September 6. The first unofficial celebration took place in 2019, but it took the Ukrainian government two more years to officially approve the holiday.

The first administrative service centers in Ukraine were created in 2013 in accordance with the Law on Administrative Services, adopted on September 6, 2012. The law provided the legal basis for the protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities regarding the provision of administrative services.

The number of administrative service centers has increased significantly since the start of the decentralization reform, as such centers are created by local councils and regional state administrations, which have received wider powers, resources and responsibilities due to the reform. As of January 1, 2021, Ukraine had 867 administrative service centers, 56 territorial divisions, 356 remote administrator offices, and 15 mobile administrative service centers.

The main task of such centers is to increase the accessibility and quality of public administrative services provided to individuals and legal entities. Before the implementation of administrative service centers, different administrative services were provided by different government agencies. Because of this, most Ukrainians were dissatisfied with complex administrative procedures, lack of necessary information, long lines and inconvenient opening hours at public offices, and inaccessibility of administrative services in small towns and villages.

Administrative service centers use the single-window system; thanks to them, all administrative services are provided in one place, so there is no need to run from one government office to another to obtain various official documents. An online ticket system allows to avoid standing in line, and the operating schedule of administrative service centers is drawn up in such a way that they are open for at least six hours on Saturday and stay open until 8 p. m. at least one day a week.

Administrative service centers provide hundreds of administrative services. They issue IDs and passports, record places of residence, issue various certificates, permits and extracts, provide assistance in resolving issues relating to real estate and land management, arrange welfare assistance, etc.

More than 5,000 Ukrainian administrative service center employees celebrated their professional holiday for the first time on September 6, 2019. The date was chosen to commemorate the adoption of the Law on Administrative Services. The first celebration was countrywide, but informal.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine officially approved Administrative Center Employee Day in May 2021 in order to highlight the contribution of administrative center employees to providing crucial administrative services to Ukrainians. Like the rest of professional holidays in Ukraine, it is a working day unless it falls on a Sunday.

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