Police Inspector's Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: June 18, 2024

Police Inspector's Day in Ukraine Police Inspector's Day is a professional holiday of Ukrainian police inspectors, that is annually observed on June 18. This holiday was established under order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 2004.

The date of this holidays commemorates the day of creation of the first police inspector unit in Ukraine in 1923. Police inspectors are in charge of keeping peace and order in inhabited places. They protect population from criminal acts, control families with unfavorable environment, former prisoners and mentally ill persons.

Service in rural areas is very difficult, because sometimes police inspectors are the only representatives of law enforcement agencies. In many cases one inspector has to supervise 5-6 villages.

Police inspectors annually celebrate their professional holiday, they accept congratulations from their colleagues, friends, family and authorities. This professional holiday is a day-off for inspectors, unless it falls on weekend.

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