Fisherman’s Day in Russia and Ukraine Date in the current year: July 14, 2024

Fisherman’s Day in Russia and Ukraine Fisherman’s Day is a holiday celebrated in Russia and Ukraine on the second Sunday in July. If was officially established during the Soviet era, but after the dissolution of the Soviet Union only Ukraine and Russia continued to celebrate it officially.

Fisherman’s Day was proclaimed in 1968 by the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union to recognize the importance of fishery and fishing industry, which was one of the most important industries in some regions of the USSR.

Originally Fisherman’s Day was inaugurated as the professional holiday of all people involved in the fishing industry, but now it is also celebrated by amateur fishermen who regard fishing as a hobby.

The most spectacular celebrations of Fisherman’s Day are held in coastal cities. For example, in Murmansk (a large port city in Russia) this holiday is marked with markets and fairs, open-air concerts and other festivities. This is not surprising as the port of Murmansk is an important fishing destination.

In many cities and towns throughout Russia and Ukraine fishermen mark their holiday with fishing contests, trying to catch the biggest or the heavies fish.

Coincidentally, Latvians celebrate Sea and Firshermen’s Festival on the first weekend in July.

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