Treasurer Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: April 27, 2024

Treasurer Day in Ukraine Treasurer Day was added to Ukraine’s calendar of professional observances in October 2020 at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. It is celebrated annually on April 27 to commemorate the foundation anniversary of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine (more precisely, its predecessor, the State Treasury of Ukraine).

A treasury is a government department related to finance and taxation that is responsible for the cash administration of the state budget. It manages the collection of taxes, fees and duties, income from government loans, and financing of expenses provided for by the state budget.

The princely treasury of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise and his heirs can be considered the prototype of the national treasury of Ukraine, since at the time, the prince’s personal treasury doubled as the national treasury. It was used to finance the prince’s entourage, the army and the navy, as well as the construction of roads, bridges, buildings and fortifications.

The Zaporizhian Sich also had a treasury modeled after that of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The development of Ukraine’s treasury service was also largely influenced by the Treasury of the Russian Empire, created during the reign of Peter the Great.

The State Treasury under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine was established on April 27, 1995 by a decree of President Leonid Kuchma. Its main tasks were to ensure effective management of state budget funds and to increase the efficiency of expenditure financing within the state’s budget constraints.

During the optimization of the system of central executive bodies of Ukraine that took place in 2011, the State Treasury of Ukraine was liquidated along with a number of other state services, inspections, administrations and departments. It was replaced by the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, which is recognized as the official successor of the State Treasury.

The main tasks of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine are making proposals concerning the formation of the state policy on budget funds management and implementing this policy. Its activities are regulated by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament), decrees and orders of the President of Ukraine, decrees, resolutions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as orders of the Minister of Finance, to whom the State Treasury Service is directly subordinate.

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decree, which established Treasurer Day in Ukraine, this professional holiday was created in order to highlight the important role that employees of the State Treasury Service play in the implementation of the state policy on budget execution.

Treasurer Day is marked with various events held in the State Treasury Service of Ukraine and its regional headquarters. The head of the treasury, as well as the heads of regional departments, congratulate their subordinates on their professional holiday and present departmental awards to the employees who’ve distinguished themselves.

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