Accountant and Auditor Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: July 16, 2024

Accountant and Auditor Day in Ukraine Accountant Day is a professional observance that has an official status in some countries, while in other countries it’s celebrated unofficially. Ukraine belongs to the former category; here, this professional day is name Accountant and Auditor Day. It has been officially celebrated since 2004.

Ukrainian Accountant Day was established by the Presidential Decree “On Accountant Day” issued on July 18, 2004. According to the decree, the observance was created in order to emphasize the significant contribution of accountants to the development of financial and economic stability of organizations and institutions, as well as national economic growth in general.

The holiday is celebrated on July 16 to commemorate the Law “On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine” that was adopted on this day in 1999. This law defined the legal basis for regulating, organizing and maintaining accounting records, as well as financial reporting in Ukraine.

Interestingly, the Federation of Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine had celebrated Accountant Day unofficially before President Leonid Kuchma confirmed its official status. His decree helped raise the prestige of the profession and increase public awareness of its importance.

In 2018, President Petro Poroshenko renamed the observance Accountant and Auditor Day because financial audit is inseparable from accounting, and representatives of both professions often have to work in close collaboration so it’s logical that they would share a professional holiday.

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