Archivists' Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: December 24, 2024

Archivists' Day in Ukraine President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma established a number of professional days during his administration. One of them is Archivists' Day, that annually falls on December 24. This professional day is celebrated since 1998.

Ukrainian archives make a significant contribution into the development of national culture, science and other public spheres. Establishment and celebration of a new professional day only acknowledges their contribution. Celebration of Archivists' Day is also aimed at encouraging further development of archival work in Ukraine.

Archivists' Day is celebrated by all employees of state archive institutions. No special events are organized at the state level, but the employees are free to organize their own parties. They congratulate each other and receive congratulations from their relatives and friends.

Contributions of the archivists into preservation of cultural heritage are also recognized in other CIS countries, where the same professional day is celebrated. These are Belarus (October 6) and Kyrgyzstan (August 30).

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