Retail Employees' Day in Ukraine and Belarus Date in the current year: July 28, 2024

Retail Employees' Day in Ukraine and Belarus Retail Employees' Day is an official professional holiday in Ukraine and Belarus celebrated on the last Sunday in July.

Retail Employees' Day, also known as Day of Retail Employees or Day of Retail Workers, was originally established in the Soviet Union in 1966. Following the dissolution of the USSR, some former Soviet republics continued to celebrate it or reinstated the holiday several years later.

In Ukraine, Retail Employees' Day was re-established in 1995 by President Leonid Kuchma. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko followed suit three years later. Just like all professional holidays in these countries, it is a working holiday.

In Belarus and Ukraine, retail is one of the largest employers. It plays a very significant role in the economy of both countries. Retail Employees' Day focuses on recognizing the efforts and achievements of retail employees through public appreciation.

Many people associate retail employees with shop assistants only, but they are wrong. By retail employees we understand all people involved in retail, both in the front end and at the back end. All of them deserve congratulations on their professional holiday.

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