International Workers' Day (Labor Day) Date in the current year: May 1, 2018

International Workers' Day (Labor Day) 142 countries in the world celebrate International Workers' Day on May 1. This holiday is also known as Labor Day.

International Workers' Day is a traditional spring celebration, that coincides with May Day, one of the oldest spring festivals in Europe. Some countries celebrate May 1 as specifically Labor Day or International Workers' Day. And sometimes Labor Day is celebrated on the date, that is significant for country, as in the USA.

The history of the holiday is connected with the labor movement grown by trade union in the 19th century in Canada and the USA. The first Labor Day celebration was proposed in the 1880s in the USA, then it was introduced in Canada.

May 1 was chosen as the International Workers' Day in order to commemorated the Haymarket affair in Chicago, that took place on May 4. During the general strike for the 8-hour workday, an identified person threw a bomb at the police. The latter responded by firing on the workers, that resulted in four killed demonstrators.

The proposal to celebrated Labor Day and commemorate the events of the Haymarket affair in Chicago was made in 1898 during the meeting of the first congress of the Second International in Paris. May 1 was formally recognized as an annual event.

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