Military Financier Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: October 29, 2024

Military Financier Day in Ukraine Military Financier Day is a professional holiday in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Celebrated annually on October 29, it honors all military and civilian personnel of the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The Department of Finance is a structural subdivision of the Ministry Defense of Ukraine. Its main tasks are to develop and implement the state policy on financial support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the procedure and conditions for providing monetary support to service members and paying salaries to employees of the Armed Forces; to serve as the accounting service of the Ministry of Defens; to monitor the budget of the Ministry of Defense; to finance the troops; to analyze the costs and prospects for financing the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Among other things, the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is responsible for:

performing centralized settlements (including in foreign currency) and financing lower-level fund managers

accounting in national and foreign currency, and preparing financial and budgetary reports for the Ministry of Defense

registering and re-registering military units as economic entities, maintaining their registry

monitoring the receipt of funds for the participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in international peacekeeping and security operations from the UN Secretariat, NATO, the European Union, the OSCE, and other international organizations

providing funds for financing the structural units of the Ministry of Defense, institutions and military units subject to financial support in a timely manner

implementing a unified state policy on streamlining and improving the following systems: financial support for service members; payments in foreign currency to service members who are serving a tour of duty outside Ukraine; paying salaries to Armed Forces employees

participating in the development and implementation of a unified policy on automating the daily tasks of the financial bodies of the Armed Forces

ensuring compliance with the applicable budget legislation when making budget commitments, submitting them for registration, and making payments

ensuring accurate and full reflection of all financial transactions in accounting and financial reports

Military Financier Day was officially established by Minister of Defense Oleksandr Kuzmuk in 1999. The main goal of this professional holiday is to boost the prestige of the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and to emphasize the contribution of its personnel to the smooth functioning of the country’s armed forces.

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