Standardization and Metrology Employees Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: October 10, 2024

Standardization and Metrology Employees Day in Ukraine Standardization and Metrology Employees Day is one of the official professional holidays celebrated in Ukraine. Established in 2002, it is observed annually on October 10.

Standardization and metrology are important for technological advancement and international trade. Metrology is a science that studies measurements; its primary importance lies in the establishment of a common understanding of units, which is crucial in linking human activities across the globe. Metrology is critical for trade, economy, energy, health, industry, the environment, and a number of other sectors.

Standardization is closely linked to metrology. The term refers to the process of developing and implementing technical standards based on the consensus of relevant parties at various levels. International standards are important for information exchange, environmental protection, product testing and product analysis, safety (including workplace safety), health, technology, and other sectors.

The state standardization, metrology and certification systems in independent Ukraine were officially established by the Cabinet of Ministers in 1992. Their activities are regulated by the Law on Standardization, the Law of Metrology and Metrological Activity, and a number of other laws, decrees, and regulations.

According to law, the national metrological system of Ukraine is responsible for implementing a unified technical policy in the field of metrology and metrological activities, protecting citizens and the national economy from the consequences of unreliable measurement results, carrying out fundamental and applied research, saving all types of energy and material resources, ensuring the quality and competitiveness of domestic products, and developing legal, scientific, technical and organizational framework for ensuring the unity of measurements in the state.

The main goals of standardization in Ukraine are to ensure compliance of standardization objects with their purpose, manage the diversity, applicability, compatibility and interchangeability of standardization objects, ensure rational production through the application of recognized rules, guidelines and procedures, ensure the protection of life and health, ensure the rights and interests of consumers, ensure occupational safety, preserve the environment and save all types of resources, eliminate technical barriers in trade and prevent their occurrence, and support the development and international competitiveness of national products.

Ukrainian Standardization and Metrology Employees Day was established by President Leonid Kuchma in October 2002 and was celebrated for the first time on October 10, 2003. According to the presidential decree establishing the holiday, its main goal is to emphasize the significant contribution of standardization and metrology employees to the development of state economy. The holiday is marked by award ceremonies and other events held at standardization and metrological organizations throughout the country.

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