Court Workers' Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: December 15, 2024

Court Workers' Day in Ukraine Court Workers' Day is celebrated in Ukraine on December 15. This professional day was established by President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in 2000.

Court Workers' Day was established as the day honoring the achievements and work of courts employees on protection of rights and freedoms of every person, as well as the approval of the supremacy of law.

The judicial system of Ukraine consists of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine that has the right to interpret the norms of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, courts of general jurisdiction and arbitral tribunals. The Supreme Court of Ukraine is the supreme judicial body.

The employees of courts usually celebrate this holiday with their relatives or organize festive parties together with their colleagues. The governmental officials also often congratulate all court employees on this event and organize award winning ceremonies or special concerts. Although this is an official professional day, no one has an additional day off.

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