State Audit Service Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: January 26, 2024

State Audit Service Day in Ukraine State Audit Service Day is an official professional holiday in Ukraine celebrated annually on January 26. Officially established in 1993, it was formerly known as the State Control and Revision Service Day in Ukraine.

The State Audit Service of Ukraine (SAS) is a government agency responsible for implementing the state policy in the field of state financial control. Its activities are directed and coordinated through Ukrainian government (the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) via the Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

Although the State Audit Service of Ukraine was formally established in 2015, its history is much longer. For a long time, Ukraine did not have its own financial control authorities because it was part first of the Russian Empire and then of the Soviet Union. However, the short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic that existed between 1917 and 1920 had a State Controller Office that had special rights and powers.

The formation of state financial control authorities in independent Ukraine began after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The State Control and Revision Service of Ukraine was formally established on January 26, 1993. It was largely based on the former Control and Revision Office of the Ministry of Finance of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 2000, the Main State Control and Revision Office of Ukraine officially became a central government agency. Ten years later, it was reorganized into the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine. Another reform of Ukraine’s financial control authority took place in 2015, and the State Financial Inspection was replaced by the State Audit Service of Ukraine. An attempt to reorganize the State Audit Service was made in 2019–2020. There were plans to replace it with the Financial Control Office, but the decision was ultimately reversed.

The main tasks of the State Audit Service of Ukraine are to implement the state policy in the sphere of financial control, which is formed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine; to carry out state financial control; to provide administrative services as required by law. The SAS carries out state financial control through state financial audit, inspection, and public procurement review and monitoring.

The State Audit Service consists of the central office and inter-regional territorial offices: the Western Office (headquartered in Lviv), the Southern Office (headquartered in Odesa), the Northern Office (headquartered in Kyiv), the Northeastern Office (headquartered in Kharkiv), and the Eastern Office (headquartered in Dnipro).

State Audit Service Day was established to recognize the contribution of the SAS to the implementation of Ukraine’s financial control policy. It is marked by special events held at the headquarters of the State Audit Service and its regional offices. On the occasion of their professional holiday, SAS employees who’ve distinguished themselves during the past year are awarded honorary departmental awards, certificates and cash bonuses to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

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