Agricultural Workers' Day Date in the current year: November 17, 2024

Agricultural Workers' Day Agricultural Workers' Day is an official professional day in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This day annually falls on the third Sunday in November.

Agriculture is one of the most important branches of the national economy in most post-Soviet states. This professional day of the workers of the agricultural industry was established during the Soviet era and it was celebrated on the third Sunday in November.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union some independent countries canceled this day or changed its name and date, as well as in Russia, where Agricultural Workers' Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in October. However, the governments of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus decided to leave the original date and reestablished this day in 1993 (Ukraine), 1995 (Belarus) and 1998 (Kazakhstan).

The workers of agricultural industry accept congratulations on their professional day. The government doesn’t organize any special events. Since it's Sunday, it's always a non-working holiday.

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