Sign Language Interpreter Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: May 20, 2024

Sign Language Interpreter Day in Ukraine Sign Language Interpreter Day is an annual professional holiday in Ukraine celebrated on May 20. It was established in 2009 by the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf (USD) and has been observed annually ever since.

A sign language is a language that uses manual communication and body language instead of sounds to convey meaning. Sign languages are typically used by deaf people and people who can hear, but cannot physically speak. Each country with an existing community of deaf people has its own sign language.

Sign language interpreters facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people. They usually translate between a signed and a spoken language used in the same country. Most interpreters receive formal training. In Ukraine, training lasts from 1 to 4 months. All interpreters obtain a state certificate.

The activity of Ukrainian sign language interpreters is coordinated by the Council of Sign Language Interpreters based in Kyiv. The Council closely cooperates with the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf. Ukrainian Sign Language Interpreter Day was established in order to honor the contribution of sign language interpreters to strengthening the ties between the deaf community and hearing people.

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