Food Industry Workers' Day Date in the current year: October 20, 2024

Food Industry Workers' Day Russians and Ukrainians, who are occupied in food industry, have their own professional day to organize celebration of work they do and receive congratulations. Their holiday annually falls on the third Sunday in October and it's called Food Industry Workers' Day.

This professional day was created during the Soviet era in 1966. It was established to highlight the importance of those people who work day and night to keep the stores full of essential products. After the collapse of the Soviet Union this professional day was not forgotten and it's still observed in Russia and Ukraine.

Food Industry Workers' Day was reestablished in Ukraine in 1995 by presidential decree. There was no decree reestablishing this holiday in Russia, since it's the descendant of the Soviet Union. However, many alike professional days were created in Russia.

Workers of food industry receive congratulations on this day from their relatives, friends and authorities. No special events are held on this day.

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