Rescuer's Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: September 17, 2024

Rescuer's Day in Ukraine Rescuer's Day is an official professional holiday in Ukraine celebrated every year on September 17. On this day, all the employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine receive congratulations and appreciation for their work.

Rescuer's Day in Ukraine was first established in 1998 by President Leonid Kuchma. It was celebrated on the last Saturday in October. The holiday was abolished in 2003 and then re-established in 2008. It was decided that it would be celebrated on September 17.

The date of September 17 was chosen because on this day the Eastern Orthodox Church honors the icon of Our Lady of the Burning Bush. This icon is regarded as patron of firefighters and rescuers and savior of people in distress.

Rescuer's Day is primarily the professional holiday of workers of the emergency services, including (but not limited to) fire service, vehicle extrication, search and rescue, emergency road service etc. However, it is also celebrated by citizens who have contributed to the elimination of consequences of industrial and natural disasters and/or to the protection of life and health.

Rescuer's Day is marked with receptions, awards ceremonies and other appropriate events. It is not a non-working holiday.

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