Chemical Industry Workers' Day Date in the current year: May 26, 2024

Chemical Industry Workers' Day Workers of the chemical and petroleum industry in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan annually observe their professional holiday on the last Sunday in May. This is Chemical Industry Workers' Day.

This professional holiday was established by the Presidium Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union on October 1, 1980. After collapse of the Soviet Union the holiday wasn't forgotten. Chemical Industry Workers' Day has a status of an official holiday in Ukraine, since it was established by Presidential Decree on May 7, 1994. Chemical industry workers of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan celebrate their holiday unofficially.

It's interesting, that observance of this professional holiday may fall on different dates, that depends on each Department of Chemistry of major universities. This holiday may be observed on one of the weekends in April or May.

Students of the Department of Chemistry of Moscow State University annually chose a symbol of a certain element from the periodic table to celebrate the holiday. This tradition was born in 1966, when students celebrated a symbol of Hydrogen, the first element in the table.

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