Financier's Day in Russia Date in the current year: September 8, 2017

Financier's Day in Russia Financier's Day is a Russian professional day of those people, who work in the financial sphere. This day is annually observed by financiers on September 8.

In 2011 President of the Russian Federation signed a presidential decree on establishment of this professional day. September 8 was chosen as a perfect date, since it's the anniversary of establishment of the Ministry of Finance in Russia, created by the decree of Emperor Alexander I in 1802.

Financier's Day was established by President of Russia in order to highlight the importance of the employees of the financial sphere for life of nation and economy of the Russian Federation.

Observation of Financier's Day is organized directly in the financial institutions of the country. Various financial organizations and authorities support and organize events, aimed at emphasizing the importance of financiers and bankers. These events may include workshops, open lessons, business games at schools and colleges. The outstanding financiers are awarded monetary rewards.

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