Nuclear Provision Expert's Day in Russia Date in the current year: September 4, 2024

Nuclear Provision Expert's Day in Russia Nuclear Provision Expert's Day is observed in Russia on September 4 every year. This professional holiday was established by presidential decree in 2006.

This day is the holiday for all experts working in the field of nuclear development, both in civil and military purposes. Establishment of the holiday on September 4 has its own reasons. Back in 1947 the Special Department of the Armed Forces of the USSR was created. The Department worked on preparation and conduction of the nuclear tests.

The Soviet Union conducted the first nuclear test in August 1949. This event put an end to the nuclear monopoly of the USA and forced the development of the nuclear weapons in the country. Almost 40 years later the Chernobyl disaster occurred in Ukraine, that at that time was a part of the Soviet Union. This accident changed the point of view concerning nuclear development of all people around the world.

Present-day Russia is one of the countries possessing nuclear weapons. Development of nuclear weapons is carried out under the State Arming Program and under a range of federal programs.

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