Retail Trade Worker's Day in Russia Date in the current year: July 27, 2024

Retail Trade Worker's Day in Russia Retail Trade Worker's Day is a professional holiday, that is observed in the Russian Federation every fourth Saturday in July. The holiday existed unofficially for a long time, but it was legislatively established only in 2013.

Retail Trade Worker's Day appeared in the Soviet Union in 1966 and it was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July. However, in 1988 due to some changes in legislation the holiday was transferred to the third Sunday in March.

After collapse of the Soviet Union retail trade workers of Russia and other countries of Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS) celebrated their professional holiday twice a year: in March and in July. The same situation was also observed in Russia. However, on May 7, 2013 President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree On the Retail Trade Worker's Day. According to the decree, the professional holiday is to be celebrated on the fourth Saturday in July.

The same holiday also exists in Ukraine and Belarus, but it's officially observed on the last Sunday of July.

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