Russian Cinema Day Date in the current year: August 27, 2024

Russian Cinema Day Russian filmmakers and film lovers annually celebrate Russian Cinema Day on August 27. Establishment of this holiday has a long history.

The first cinema show took place in the Russian Empire on October 15, 1908. The first film that was shown was Stenka Razin. It was a 10-minute silent film about a the life of a Cossack leader Stepan Razin.

On August 27, 1919 the decree on the nationalization of film industry was adopted. Soviet Cinema Day was established in 1980, August 27 was chosen to be the day of celebration. During the next decade this holiday was renamed to Cinema Day and after collapse of the Soviet Union it became Russian Cinema Day. This holiday existed unofficially for some time, until it was established by a corresponding decree in 2002. There was an idea to celebrate Russian Cinema Day on the last Friday in September, but this initiative wasn't supported.

Nowadays Russian Cinema Day is annually observed on August 27. This is a professional holiday for people, occupied in the film industry, and the holiday for those, who supports and loves Russian cinema.

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