Tank Crewman's Day in Russia Date in the current year: September 8, 2024

Tank Crewman's Day in Russia Tank Crewman's Day is one of the official professional days observed in Russia. It was established by a presidential decree in order to honor and appreciate the role of tank crews in the defense of the country and the role they played during World War II.

Tank Crewman's Day is a professional day for all military personnel who serve or have served in the Tank Forces of the Russian Federation. This observance was created during the Soviet era; an annual tank parade was organized in all major cities of the Soviet Union. This tradition was established to commemorate the great achievements of the tank troops during World War II. Prior to 1980 this day was observed annually on September 11 to commemorate the great success of tank troops in the Battle of Dukla Pass in 1944. The present-day date was established in 1980.

No tank parades are organized in present-day Russia to celebrate this day. However, this professional day is very popular among the military personnel. Russian tank crewmen receive congratulations and words of gratitude from their relatives, friends and authorities.

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