Day of Geodesy and Cartography Workers in Russia Date in the current year: March 10, 2019

Day of Geodesy and Cartography Workers in Russia The second Sunday in March the employees of geodetic and cartographic services of Russia celebrate their professional holiday, Day of Geodesy and Cartography Workers. This holiday was established by Presidential Decree on November 11, 2000.

The profession of cartographer officially appeared in Russia in March 1720, when Peter I ordered the beginning of the first cartographic survey. However, printed maps had been printed in Russia even earlier, for example, the appearance of Moscow lands map as the first printed version of the map of Russia dates back to January 26, 1525.

Significant advances in the field geodesy and cartography were made during the reign of Nicholas I and Alexander II. The United Geodetic Survey was established in Russia in 1919. It was renamed to the Federal Service for Geodesy and Cartography of Russia in 1992.

As far as the most important events in the history of the geodesy and cartography were in March, its workers annually celebrate their professional holiday in this month of a year.

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