Road Sector Workers' Day in Russia Date in the current year: October 20, 2024

Road Sector Workers' Day in Russia Road Sector Workers' Day is one of the professional days. It exists in the Russian Federation since 1996, and it's celebrated on the third Sunday in October.

Originally this professional day was created by President of Russia in 1996 and it was celebrated on the last Sunday in October. However, in 2000 President Vladimir Putin issued another decree to move this day on the third Sunday in October.

Russian road sector numbers over 3,000 institutions and organizations, that employ hundreds of thousands people. They build new roads and maintain the existing ones. Workers of Russian road sector make traffic safe and accessible for everyone. They care for road surface, monitor the quality of road surface marking and installation of traffic signs.

Employees of road sector receive congratulations on this day from their friends and relatives, coworkers and administration. No special governmental events are organized on this day, but the workers may organize a party to celebrate their professional day.

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