Day of Local Self-Government in Russia Date in the current year: April 21, 2024

Day of Local Self-Government in Russia Day of Local Self-Government in Russia is celebrated on April 21. It was established by President Vladimir Putin on June 2012 and first held in 2013.

Such a date was chosen because on April 21, 1785, Empress Catherine the Great issued the Charter of the Towns, which was the first the first major piece of legislation on local self-government in Russia.

Day of Local Self-Government focuses on raising public awareness about the role and significance of the institute of local self-government in the country and appreciating its contribution to the development of democracy.

According to Putin, it is local self-government that solves the issues which directly influence on the quality of people's everyday life. The system of local-self government still needs improvement which includes strengthening the financial independence of local self-government bodies and hiring highly-qualified experts.

Day of Local Self-Government is not a public holiday, but it is celebrated throughout the country primarily by local self-government employees.

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