Unity Day in Russia Date in the current year: November 4, 2024

Unity Day in Russia Unity Day (also known as the Day of National Unity) is a Russian public holiday celebrated on November 4. It was established to commemorate the popular uprising against the Polish invasion that took place in 1616.

During the Soviet era, the anniversary of the October Revolution was one of the most important holidays in the country. It was celebrated on November 7 due to the difference between the Julian/Old Style calendar and the Gregorian/New Style Calendar. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, most former Soviet republics abolished the celebration of October Revolution Day.

In the Russian Federation, it was replaced by Unity Day. Officially, November 4 was chosen to commemorate the 1612 uprising led by the merchant Kuzma Minin and nobleman Dmitry Pozharsky. The new holiday was named Unity Day to emphasize the fact that people of different social classes united to protect their country from the foreign intervention.

However, most observers claim that the Russian government chose a date in November to counter traditional Communist demonstrations still held on November 7. Although Unity Day is marked with parades, concerts and other official events, most Russians think of it as just an extra day off.

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