Cultural Worker's Day in Russia Date in the current year: March 25, 2024

Cultural Worker's Day in Russia Cultural Worker's Day annually falls in Russia on March 25. This is one of the professional holidays and it's devoted to the representatives of creative professions, artists, guardians and popularizers of the creative heritage.

This professional holiday was established in 2007. Various professional holidays of workers of different spheres of culture and art had already been established at that time. For instance, the workers of museums and libraries, cinema, printing and publishing had their professional days. However, a single federal holiday uniting all cultural workers didn't exist.

Alexander Sokolov, then-Culture Minister, considered, that this holiday should have an official status and included to the list of other professional holidays. President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a corresponding decree in the summer of 2007.

The first celebration of Cultural Worker Day was held on March 25, 2008. The professionals working in various fields of art and culture, like workers of libraries, museums, theaters, concert organizations, cultural centers, clubs, accept congratulations.

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