Signal Officers Day in Russia Date in the current year: October 20, 2024

Signal Officers Day in Russia The leaders of the Russian Federation find it very important to revive and develop military traditions. Number of military professional days, including Signal Officers Day on October 20, have been established in order to achieve this goal.

Signal Officers Day was created by President of Russia in 2006. The date was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of foundation of signal troops on October 20, 1919. This event laid foundation for organization of modern Russian Signal Troops.

Military communication is organized in every country, without it the delivery or orders, collection of important military data would be impossible. Efficiency of military command and control totally depends on the quality of military communication.

Signal Officers Day is celebrated only by personnel of these troops. No special events are organized by the government of Russia. This is a working holiday, that is why the officers receive only congratulations from their friends, relatives and commanders.

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