Sociologist Day in Russia Date in the current year: November 14, 2024

Sociologist Day in Russia Sociologist Day is observed in Russia on November 14 every year. Although not officially recognized by the Russian government, it has been celebrated by sociology departments of Russian universities since 1994.

Sociology is a social science that studies society, social behavior, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture surrounding everyday life. Its traditional focuses include social stratification, social mobility, social class, religion, secularization, law, sexuality, gender, and deviance. Although social theories are probably as old as society itself, the term “sociology” was first coined in 1780, and its development as a distinct science began in the 19th century.

Russian Sociologist Day was initiated by Asalhan Boronoev, the first dean of the sociology department of the Saint Petersburg State University. He chose November 14 as the date of the holiday to commemorate the foundation anniversary of the Russian Higher School of Social Sciences that opened in Paris on this day in 1901. It was founded by Russian jurists Maksim Kovalevsky and Yuri Gambarov, who are noted for their significant contributions to Russian jurisprudence and social science.

The school was popular among Russian students because because it provided a good education, but didn’t require one to pass entrance exams or even have a high school graduation certificate. The tuition fee was low because the school was primarily funded by donors, some of whom chose to remain anonymous.

The Russian Higher School of Social Sciences was founded against the wishes of the Russian imperial government and therefore attracted Russian libertines and revolutionaries. Among its students were revolutionaries Leon Trotsky, Anatoly Lunacharsky and David Petrovsky, and guest lecturers included Vladimir Lenin and Viktor Chernov.

Sadly, the school was short-lived, closing in 1905, but it is credited with being home to the first Russian sociology department (which was, ironically, situated outside Russia) and laying the foundation for the development of sociology in Russia. The first department of sociology that was actually located in Russia was opened, once again, by Maksim Kovalevsky at the Saint Petersburg Psychoneurological Institute in 1907.

Sociology Day is widely celebrated by Russian sociologists, sociology students and professors. It is marked with seminars, conferences, and other professional events held at Russian universities, research institutions, and companies employing sociologists in any capacity.

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