Aviation Workers’ Day in Russia Date in the current year: August 18, 2024

Aviation Workers’ Day in Russia Aviation Workers’ Day is an unofficial professional holiday in Russia. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of August, coinciding with Air Force Day. Aviation Workers’ Day is the professional holiday of all people who work in the country’s aviation industry.

The first celebration of Aviation Workers’ Day in the Soviet Union was held on August 15, 1956 to emphasize the importance of the aviation industry for the country’s economy. Aerospace was a well-developed industry in the USSR; in the 1980s, it accounted for 25% of the worldwide civilian and 40% of the worldwide military aircraft production.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union had catastrophic results on the aerospace industry in the former Soviet Republics, but Russia’s aviation industry seems to be recovering from the crisis. Aircraft manufacturing is an important industrial sector in the country’ economy, employing over 350,000 people and offering a portfolio of internationally competitive military aircraft. Russian private and state-owned aircraft manufacturing companies are consolidated by the United Aircraft Corporation.

Although Aviation Workers’ Day has no official status, it is widely celebrated at most aircraft manufacturing companies throughout Russia, especially in towns where most of the town’s population are employed at such a company.

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