Taxation Authorities Workers' Day in Russia Date in the current year: November 21, 2024

Taxation Authorities Workers' Day in Russia Taxation Authorities Workers' Day is an official professional day in Russia. It annually falls on November 21.

Taxation Authorities Workers' Day was created by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on November 11, 2000. November 21 was chosen for celebration to mark the anniversary of foundation of the State Taxation Service of the Russian Federation in 1991. It was transformed into the Federal Tax Service in 2004.

The Federal Tax Service is a federal body of executive power. Its functioning is aimed to monitor and supervise the compliance of the Russian Federation legislation with taxation and fees, correctness of their calculation, completeness and timeliness of paying taxes and fees to the budget etc. Filling on the budget of the Russian Federation, as well as investment climate, activity of entrepreneurs and stability of the economy totally depends on professionalism of the employees of the taxation authorities.

Taxation Authorities Workers' Day isn't marked with some special events, organized by the government of the Russian Federation.

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