Long-Haul Truck Driver Day in Russia Date in the current year: August 31, 2024

Long-Haul Truck Driver Day in Russia On the last Saturday of August, all Russian long-haul truck drivers celebrate their professional holiday. Although Long-Haul Truck Driver Day is not an official observance in Russia, it is supported by a number of large oil companies.

A long-haul truck driver is a person who earns a living driving a truck long distances. The distances they have to cover can be thousands of miles, and many long-haul truckers have to spend days, weeks or even months away from home.

The working conditions of long-haul truckers aren’t easy. Although heavy vehicle work time requirements in many countries provide for work and rest periods, sleep disorders are a major concern in the profession. A lot of truckers suffer from the so-called truck driver fatigue caused by long work hours, sleep deprivation, general stress, and sedentary lifestyle.

According to statistics, truck drivers have a higher total number of fatalities than other occupations, as well as account for a significant percentage of transportation-related deaths and injuries. Mountain routes are especially dangerous for truck drivers, especially in countries with plenty of mountain roads but outdated vehicles, like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Since truckers spend weeks and months at a time away from home and have to rely on each other while working, a specific subculture has developed around this profession. Originating from North America and Australia, it has spread across the world. Truck drivers and their subculture became a popular topic in popular culture in the mid-1970s, following the release of the American-Canadian action film White Line Fever.

Long-Haul Truck Driver Day in Russia is in part a celebration of this subculture and in part an expression of gratitude to truck drivers for their hard work and dedication. It celebrates professionals who selflessly deliver cargo over long distances, sacrificing their personal life and risking their health and safety. Some truckers celebrate their professional holiday with family and friends, but most spend the day driving, which is probably the most symbolic way to celebrate Truck Driver Day.

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