Human Resource Manager Day Date in the current year: September 21, 2024

Human Resource Manager Day Human Resource Manager Day is an unofficial professional holiday celebrated in Russia and some other countries on the third Saturday in September each year. Despite not having an official status, it is quite popular in the professional community.

The term “human resources” refers to the set of the people making up the workforce of an organization or company, and human resource managers are in charge of every aspect of the employee life cycle, which includes hiring, transferring, promotion and termination.

The concept of human resource management is relatively new, although its roots can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution. Welsh textile manufacturer and social reformer Robert Owen and English polymath Charles Babbage were among the first to realize that the success of an organization depended on the well-being of its employees. Unfortunately, their ideas weren’t immediately put into practice.

Frederick Winslow Taylor’s theory of scientific management that reached the peak of influence in the 1910s contributed to the emergence of human resource management as a specific field, but it focused on improving labor productivity and not on employment relationships.

The world’s first professional HR organization was the Welfare Workers’ Association (now known as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). It was founded in the United Kingdom in 1913. And the term “human resources” in its present-day form was first used by American sociologist and economist E. Wight Bakke in his 1958 report for the Yale Labor and Management Center entitled “The Human Resources Function”.

The main goal of human resource managers is to ensure that their organization achieves success through employees. Some people primarily associate HR with recruitment, but they are wrong. While HR managers’ responsibilities do include recruitment, they are also responsible for a wide range of processes and procedures, such as employee training, performance evaluation, reward management, employee relations, and more.

Moreover, most businesses today focus on lowering employee turnover rather than pursuing new hires, since retaining the talent and knowledge held by the existing workforce by offering benefits and creating a positive work environment is more profitable than hiring new employees. This means that recruitment isn’t the top priority of HR departments these days, although it remains one of their functions.

This was one of the reasons for the creation of Human Resource Manager Day: it was established to emphasize that there is more to the profession that meets the eye and highlight the many responsibilities of HR managers and the importance of their job for the welfare of employees and the success companies they work for.

On the occasion of Human Resource Manager Day, HR managers receive congratulations on their professional holiday from their co-workers, bosses and families. Although it is not official, many companies observe it to celebrate the hard work and dedication of their HR department.

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