Day of Russian Guards Units Date in the current year: September 2, 2024

Day of Russian Guards Units Day of Russian Guards Units is celebrated on September 2. President of Russia Vladimir Putin established the holiday in December 2000 to commemorate the 300th university of the formation of guards units in the Russian army.

The term “guards units” refers to elite units in the armed forces of the former Soviet republics, namely Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The first guards units in the Russian military were founded by Emperor Peter the Great in 1701. They were known as the Leib Guard or the Imperial Guard.

Originally Russian Guards served as personal guards of the emperor. However, in the course of time they became an elite course of all branches within the Russian Imperial Army. During the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Russian Civil War, the Red Guards comprised the main military forces of the Bolsheviks, while the White Guard was the main strike force of the White Movement.

The guards units of the Soviet army were formed during the Second World War. Regular units were transformed into guards units in reward for courage, heroism and outstanding military skill displayed in battles. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, guards designations for military units were retained by Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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