Health Worker's Day Date in the current year: June 18, 2023

Health Worker's Day Health Worker's Day is a professional holiday, that is annually observed in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Moldova on the third Sunday in June.

Medicine is one of the major achievements of mankind. Its priorities are people treatment, preservation and improvement of human health. Health workers are respected everywhere. Their professional holiday was established in the Soviet Union in 1980 and after its collapse six countries continued celebration of this day. Observation of Health Worker's Day was re-established by corresponding Presidential Decree in each of these six countries.

Health care staff, like doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, nurses, midwives, dentists, laboratory-assistants, physical therapists, physical therapy instructors, aid-men and other health professionals accepts congratulations on their professional holiday. There are plenty of professions, connected with medicine, and each of them brings its importance and responsibilities. Professionalism, dedication, compassion and mercy are expected from every health care worker.

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Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan


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