Nuclear Industry Worker's Day Date in the current year: September 28, 2024

Nuclear Industry Worker's Day People employed in the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan annually observe their professional day, Nuclear Industry Worker's Day, on September 28.

September 28 was chosen to be the professional day of all employees of nuclear industry, because it's the anniversary of adoption of decree on organization of the uranium works. The decree was issued on September 28, 1942 by the State Committee of Defense of the USSR.

According to the decree, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR should have organized a special laboratory for conduction of nuclear researches and tests, concerning uranium-235 fission.

Nuclear Industry Worker's Day was established in Russia in 2005, when it was created by President Vladimir Putin. The same holiday was established in Kazakhstan in 2008.

Nuclear industry is one of the key branches of the economy, and it has got a strategic importance for many countries. For instance, Russia possesses the technology of nuclear fuel cycle, beginning with the steps in the front end (mining, milling, uranium conversion, enrichment and fabrication) and ending in the back end (safety manage, containing and reprocessing or disposing spent nuclear fuel). Present-day Kazakhstan doesn't use nuclear power, but significant resources of uranium were found on the territory of the country.

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