National Donor Day in Russia Date in the current year: April 20, 2024

National Donor Day in Russia On April 20, Russia celebrates National Donor Day. This date was chosen to commemorate the first successful blood transfusion in Russia, which took place on April 20, 1832. It was performed by a young obstetrician Andrey Wolf to save the life of a woman in labor who had an obstetric hemorrhage.

Blood transfusion is the process of receiving whole blood or its components (erythrocytes, leukocytes, plasma, thromobocytes, coagulation factors) into one's circulation intravenously. Blood used in transfusions is typically obtained from blood banks.

Blood banks store blood collected from donors. In most developed countries, blood donors are anonymous unpaid volunteers. In Russia, blood donors are given paid time off from work and receive a free meal after donation. People, who have donated whole blood 40 times or plasma 60 times, receive the title of Honorary Donor of Russia, which gives them certain privileges.

Russian National Donor Day is primarily dedicated to blood donors themselves – people who voluntarily donate their blood for a community supply. It also honors doctors who perform blood transfusions, laboratory technicians and other professionals involved in blood collection and transfusion.

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