Structural Engineer Day in Russia Date in the current year: November 16, 2024

Structural Engineer Day in Russia Structural Engineer Day is a Russian professional holiday celebrated on November 16. It was conceived by a commercial engineering company and hasn’t been approved by the government, but the holiday is very popular in the professional community.

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on designing structural components and structural systems. Structural engineers are tasked with analyzing, designing, planning, and researching the structural components and structural systems in order to achieve design goals and ensure the comfort and safety of occupants and users.

Structural engineers can specialize in building structures, earthquake engineering structures, civil engineering structures (bridges, dams, railways, pipelines, reservoirs, power stations, etc.), mechanical structures (elevators, escalators, cranes, etc.), aerospace structures, medical equipment, and even nanoscale structures, but most commonly they are associated with building and civil engineering structures since most structural engineers are employed in the construction industry.

The main tasks of structural engineers are to ensure that structures they design are strong and stable enough to withstand structural loads, to reduce deflection and vibration, to prevent accidents caused by material fatigue, and to ensure that materials are durable against deterioration.

To become a structural engineer in most countries, one needs to receive a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and then either study for a master’s degree in structural engineering or look for jobs that focus on structural engineering and learn from working under experienced structural engineers. In some countries, structural engineers are licensed as civil engineers, while in others, they need to have a special license to design high-risk or special structures.

Structural Engineer Day was conceived by one of Russian engineering companies. The inaugural celebration took place in Saint Petersburg on November 16, 2005. It was attended by 150 engineers who decided to celebrate this date annually. The next year, celebrations were held in three cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. The celebration has been growing ever since.

Although Structural Engineer Day hasn’t been added to the list of official professional holidays in Russia yet, it is widely celebrated in the professional community. It is marked with conferences, seminars, and other professional events that allow structural engineers from different parts of the country to exchange experience and network.

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