Agricultural Workers' Day in Russia Date in the current year: October 13, 2024

Agricultural Workers' Day in Russia Agricultural Workers' Day is an official professional holiday in Russia. It is celebrated on the second Sunday in October. The holiday was established by President Boris Yeltsin in 1999.

During the Soviet era, heavy industry played the main role in the country's economy, while agriculture was less important. Most agricultural land was in state ownership. After the dissolution of the USSR, agriculture in Russia survived a severe decline during the transitional period. Since then, most land and farm assets have been privatized, and Russia's agriculture is improving due to modernization.

Russia has about 10% of the world's arable land. The main agricultural regions are Volga region (Povolzhye), North Caucasus, Ural, and Western Siberia. The most important crops produced by Russia include cereal (primarily wheat), sugar beet, sunflower, potato, and flax. Cattle breeding also plays an important role in the country's agriculture. Russia produces meat, dairy products, and wool.

Agricultural Workers' Day was established to recognize the considerable contribution of Russian agricultural workers to the development of the country's economy. It is marked with official events and award ceremonies.

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