Clients' Day Date in the current year: March 19, 2024

Clients' Day Clients' Day is an informal holiday observed on March 19. It is celebrated mainly in Russia and Lithuania.

In 2010, a company from Klaipėda, Lithuania, decided to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation by acknowledging its clients. Thus the idea of creating a holiday dedicated for clients was born. The goal behind it is to encourage companies and individual businessmen to show appreciation to their clients. The idea was supported by many Lithuanian and Russian companies.

On this day, companies give their clients special discounts, send them letters of appreciation and postcards, give them small gifts, organize free concerts etc. It is also a good occasion to organize a tour to show clients how the company works, have the CEO meet with clients personally and answer their questions, or adopt an open door policy.

Unlike World Consumer Rights Day that focuses on protection of consumer rights, Clients' Day is primarily a commercial holiday which aims at gaining customers' loyalty and encouraging them to buy more.

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