Saint George's Day in the Eastern Churches Date in the current year: May 6, 2018

Saint George's Day in the Eastern Churches The Eastern Orthodox Church, which uses the Julian calendar, celebrates Saint George's Day on May 6. In Bulgaria, this festival is a public holiday also known as the Day of Bravery.

Saint George is a Christian martyr who was a soldier in the Roman army. He is one of the most venerated saints in many Christian churches as well as one of the most prominent warrior saints. The best known legend featuring him is the tale of Saint George and the Dragon.

The feast of Saint George is celebrated on April 23. However, some Christian churches that use the Julian calendar celebrate it on May 6 due to the 13-day difference between the Julian and the Gregorian calendar.

For instance, Saint George's Day is celebrated on May 6 in Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Russia. In Serbian, the festival is called Đurđevdan. It is a traditional spring holiday similar to Hıdırellez in Turkey. In Georgia, this feast is celebrated twice a year.

The only country where the Orthodox Feast of Saint George is a public holiday is Bulgaria. Saint George is the patron saint of the Bulgarian Land Forces, that is why his feast day is also referred to as the Day of Bravery and is celebrated as the professional holiday of the Bulgarian military.

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Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina


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