Day of Internal Troops in Belarus Date in the current year: March 18, 2024

Day of Internal Troops in Belarus Day of Internal Troops is annually celebrated on March 18 in Belarus. This professional holiday was established on the anniversary of creation of the Internal Troops of Belarus in 1918.

The internal troops of Belarus were created on March 18, 1918 as a basic political institution in the country. The teams of the separate volunteers of convoy guard formed the first units. The team became the part of the General Political Department and was renamed to escort company in 1922.

After the collapse of the Soviet, 43th Division of the Internal Troops of the of the USSR was transferred to the subordination of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Belarus. This division was reorganized to the Internal Forces of the Republic of Belarus in 1992.

The existing structure of the Internal Troops was approved by Presidential Decree on November 8, 1995. Day of Internal Troops was established by Presidential Decree on March 26, 1998. Since 1999 the holiday is annually observed on March 18.

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